How To Fix Windows 10 Boot Error 0xc000021a

If the users press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to restart the computer, they still get the same error message and then, they cannot boot up the Windows. I’ve scanned my Seagate M3 external hard drive for errors and no errors were found. Does this mean that all data on the hard drive is free of corruption? It contains mostly a copy of my Flac files and I was wondering if this scan is telling me…

If your C drive is full, you might want to consider deleting some of the files or applications that you no longer need. In case you are facing with an error when running chkdsk, then try to run it from Windows Recovery Environment. When finished, the items able to be fixed as well as any items that could not be fixed will be listed. You can click to “Explore additional options” to continue troubleshooting any issues with items not fixed. In the end, I provide you with five practical ways to fix the error you have met. These methods are said to have helped many people get out of the Restart To Repair Drive Errors On Windows 10.

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Then clickYesto confirm the removal of the LowerFilters registry entry. If you’re having Code 19 issues with your DVD/CD-ROM drive, don’t worry. You can fix the problem with one of methods below. …but I don’t have any window XP cd or internet connection at that time. Try to replace your CD-drive or to write Hiren’s CD image to another disk. Hello Yvonne, please follow this guide to put the Hiren’s boot on a USB Disk.

Or, you can download a version of Linux and run it directly from a flash memory device such as a USB stick. In this article we’ll show you how to do both. When you turn off Secure Boot there is a risk of installing an unknown operating system.

How do you remove a stuck Heatbreak?

So, you should check and repair the bad sectors routinely, and in the present write-up, we will discuss the crucial causes and solutions to help fix this issue. Despite its name AOMEI Partition Assistant isn’t yet another tool for moving, resizing, and creating partitions. It’s actually a feature-packed hard disk manager capable of solving virtually all commonly encountered issues related to hard drives. If you don’t have time to learn multiple hard disk repair software tools, download Disk Drill and rest assured knowing that it comes with everything you’ll ever need.

  • It can identify bad sectors by reviewing the hard drive.
  • This way, if software or driver is conflicting with the booting process, you can log in without the error for diagnostic purposes.
  • Once you have booted in the Clean Boot State, check if the problem persists.
  • The column that tells you if Windows has marked the drive as dirty and having a problem is a useful piece of information.

Some virtual COM ports require that the Windows 2000 standard serial driver, Serial.sys, be started. If your computer does not have a hardware COM port, Serial.sys does not start. Where required by applicable law, express or implied consent to marketing exists and has not been withdrawn. In the Registry Editor, select the key or setting that you want to delete. In the Registry Editor, select the key in which you want to create the new subkey or setting. Rename only those keys or settings that you created yourself.

The Application Was Unable To Start Correctly 0xc0000142 – Windows 10 Fix

If your registry is corrupt, your computer won’t work as well as it should and will start to blue-screen. System File Checker is a legacy tool that still works on modern operating systems using an administrative command prompt. SCF seeks to check the integrity of each system file that exists within the Windows installation including Internet Explorer. A corrupted Windows system file can cause system instability and security vulnerabilities, and can lead to suboptimal performance during normal operations. Windows has a number of built-in tools that can help diagnose issues with registry files. Proceed to the next section to learn how to use these tools to fix broken registry items on a Windows PC.

What Can Check Disk Tool Do for You? Benefits of Check Disk

Type sfc/scannow in the command prompt, and press enter. From the menu, select ‘Troubleshoot’, then Advanced option, and then startup settings. Since some external devices are known to cause this error, you want to disconnect every device attached to your computer and restart to see if you have solved the problem.

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